Latest Projects

Below is a selection of ongoing and finished projects including some behind the scenes photos to give you an idea of how we work. Click here to view a slideshow of our best finished work.

Gravel Drive

An example of how a gravel drive can improve your home.

Cottage Garden

A beautiful Cottage Garden.

Before and After

See how we transformed this garden.

Garage at Night

A garage removal with new night-time pictures.

New York, New York

A novel outlook leads to a fantastic result...

Stonework Example

Here is an example of how bespoke stonework can give your garden a unique look.

Custom Pegola

A garden overhaul including a bespoke pergola.

Before and After

This is an example of the kind of transformation we can make to your garden.

Quick Garden Overhaul

This was completed in under 10 days.

Contemporary Garden

A new project designed by Robert Hughes.

Victorian Terraced Garden

Clever use of curves transforms a small urban garden.


Click here to view pictures of a driveway we are working on.

Courtyard Project

Click here to view pictures of our new Courtyard project.

Newport Project

We've just uploaded a selection of images from our exciting new project.

Construction of Churchills

A selection of images showing the construction of the Churchills project.

Churchills Project

We have now added some fantastic night-time images to this project.

Danescourt Project

Images of our last completed project in Danescourt.